The Vulnerability Advantage - Companion Course

"Why does everything keep happening to me?"

Do you often feel like you get taken advantage of, in work or personal relationships, because of your kind heart?

Or maybe you're tired of always attracting the same experiences that leave you feeling used, not appreciated, and depleted.

Tell me if you can relate:

  • You often have trouble speaking up for your needs because you don't want to hurt someone else's feelings, or you worry about what others think of you
  • You put other people first, even if it is at the expense of your time, health, or well-being
  • You put on the "I'm strong, I got this" armor to protect others from getting too close, but in reality you feel awkward in new situations or around new people

It's time to finally feel the FREEDOM to express your authentic self!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but being vulnerable and honest about your needs will create better relationships with others -- and yourself!

Imagine being able to choose what YOU want, feel appreciated, and go through your life with ease.

What if you could:

  • Get rid of the guilt when choosing what is right for you
  • Create true, meaningful relationships that are based on mutual understanding and trust -- where both you and others can be their true selves
  • Avoid awkward situations, resolving them with grace

I'm Wendy Lee, Transformational Life Coach, and Founder of LeadHERship Revolution.

If anything you read so far has struck a chord, it's because I have been where you are right now.  

In my corporate career, I have over-achieved and people-pleased myself right into the position of Senior VP of Human Resources. I was making it all happen and my bosses loved me! 

However, I always felt the need to control the situation to make sure I kept up that image, which led me to neglect my needs. I wasn't focused on the things that truly mattered to me. 

It showed up big time in my personal relationships, too, which left me feeling unfulfilled, lonely, and resentful. I was so used to "getting it done" at work by striving and proving, that it's what I did in my personal life, too. Needless to say, it didn't work, and I couldn't put my finger on exactly why... 

I started working on myself and reconnecting to who I truly was. I realized that my work environment was not nurturing to who I was as a person, and it led me to put in my notice. 

Then something strange happened: I started to be more honest, free, and vulnerable in those last two weeks, when the pressure of people-pleasing and over-extending was no longer there. And the crazy thing is, my bosses and co-workers took notice! I was able to create more meaningful connections and relationships in those last few weeks than in the 10+ years in that position. 

That's when I knew I was onto something. 

Since then, I have been exploring and teaching about how vulnerability, openness, and honesty leads to greater connection and healing. Now I don't have to work nearly as hard to prove myself, and I have the space and energy to focus on the things that are truly important to me. I want the same for you!

The Vulnerability Advantage Course was created to help you stop living and giving to others at the expense of your own needs - while creating true and meaningful relationships with others.

After working in Human Resources for my entire career, and healing through my own routine people-pleasing and over-extending, what I've realized is this:  

The more you focus on what is important to you, set your boundaries, and communicate those things with vulnerability -- the more you genuinely connect with others, and feel freedom in doing so. 

Once you start working on your own transformation and get re-connected to yourself, the rest will fall into place.  

To jump start that transformation, I will guide you to:

  • Discover the gift of choice: Learn how to make decisions that are best for you to create healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with others
  • Find your voice: Learn how to speak up and ask for what you need for applying healthy boundaries and discernment in your work and life relationships
  • Step into your power: Stop feeling like a victim of your circumstances and create the life that you've always been dreaming about 

This program is designed to help you end people-pleasing and over-extending -- for good.

Are you ready to see what your best life could look like?

What past clients say:

“Wendy taught me that first, we must be honest with ourselves and that no human can truly reach their full potential without the blessing of their own truth. Her unmatched experience, and insight with all walks of life, allows her to offer a refreshing and positive perspective to almost any situation. I am truly grateful that Wendy came into my life, helped me understand the balance between who we are at work and who are are at home, and why those two really don’t have to be much different.”

- Tamara Dunahoe, Galveston, TX

“Wendy has helped me see through my stories and provide advice that has helped me move forward in life. Her warmth and willingness to share her own experiences has provided me with tools to help navigate some of my life challenges. She is someone that I trust and feel really lucky to have been able to work with her.” 

- Sandy Levin, Oklahoma City, OK

“Let it be known that Wendy, a natural born leader, mentor and friend is a life changer. She has not only changed my life for the better, but she has helped me to see how I can do the same for someone else. Wendy leads with a genuine heart, mind and soul. She is empathetic towards others and can relate to anyone on the most sincere level. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me and for all of her knowledge she has given me. I only wish to continue to make her proud and pass on what she has given me, to help others. Because of her, I am a better me. Cheers to anyone who has the privilege of connecting with Wendy; you will soon know what I know.” 

- Amalia Maes, Houston, TX

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